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 Performance physiology & Exercise 

We can offer a range of medical tests and investigations but Individualized, with a focus on function and performance

  • Body composition scanning

  • Fitness testing

  • Evaluation of heart, lung and metabolic function

  • Tests specific to your personal concerns

  • Medical testing for health, fitness and function



Skincare and Dermal Health

Skin care help and diagnosis including custom made individualised creams and products

  • Working with and alongside cosmetic nurses and your trusted service providers to get the most out of your therapies

  • Prescription solutions for problem conditions

  • Individualized compound skin care, tailored to your needs


Digestion, Nutrition and Weight loss

Any and all problems to do with digestion, nutrition, weight mannagement from top... to 'bottom'


  • A range of investigations and tests to identify and treat problems with digestion 

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of digestive problems

  • Treatment advice and help with prescription weight loss products

$150 Digestion 
$100 Weightloss

Natural Herb and Plant Therapies


A new but a very exciting area in so many ways and a viable alternative or supplement to long term pharmaceutical treatment

  • Treatment of chronic pain and anxiety

  • Help with digestive disorders and symptom management in a host of conditions

  • A new hope for symptom relief and pain control

$100 Initial visit
$50   follow up

Lifestyle Medicine

Icarus is an online medical practice  aimed at individuals interested in preventative health and a different approach to medical practice.

By combining video and telehealth with traditional physical practice,  we can reduce the wait, reduce the price and increase both value and service flexibility.

We have 4 primary areas of focus.

  • Exercise

  • Skincare

  • Digestion/weight loss

  • Medicinal cannabis


The aim is to provide accessible, affordable, individualized healthcare, with an open mind around treatment choice that respect alternative solutions and individual choice.

We combine natural and alternative therapies with the latest developments in medical care and an understanding of sports physiology and clinical research to keep people active and well. So, while we can help with medical problems and injuries, we can also share a more inclusive approach to health and work with you to find ways to improve your performance and longer-term function. 

Please message, email or call with any questions or schedule a time for a consult either by video, phone or face to face consult. You'll be asked to provide some basic contact information then, from there ,we can organize your appointment.


  • Press the appropriate button in the section bellow.

  • Provide details and create an account for new customers.

  • Pick a consult type and time.

  • Generally, an invoice for payment will be sent after the consultation alongside issuing prescriptions or written reports or referrals.


 feel free to (preferably) SMS  or call 0404 022 346

 or email

Doctor's Visit
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Natural Herb and Plant Therapies

After a telehealth assessment (video or phone) we discuss what medication might best fit you then, working closely with specialized and highly skilled pharmacists, we can normally get treatment started within a few hours. While the service is designed to be as affordable, accessible and inclusive as possible, please understand that first and foremost, our aim is trying to help people enjoy better lives - and not all medications are suitable for everyone, but we’ll help as much as we can. Expect an initial assessment (normally 15-30 minutes) either by phone or video, followed by help from the pharmacy getting you started. There’s normally a little fine tuning but once we get you up and running most patients will have shorter follow ups every 4-6 weeks or so, depending on their specific needs.

$100 Initial visit
$50   follow up

Digestive Health and Weightloss

If bloating or stomach cramps or any other aspect of your digestive function is a problem we can help. After excluding pottential illnesses and diseases we can evaluate your nutritional uptake and give advice on whats going on and get you back on track. For individuals interested in weight loss we can assist with loosing weight without risking your health. As well as excluding conditions that may be effecting your metabolisim we offer a choice of medications to help you slim down while monitoring you for nutritional deficiencies and making sure your underlying health isn't impacted.

$150 Digestion 
$100 Weightloss

Skincare Reveiw

Skin care is a actually very complex area. There is a great deal of evidence based research indicating what works and what doesnt, information that doesnt always make it to customers. At the same time doctors tend to overlook the value, skills and experience of high street treatments. We want to make  it simple, by aiming to bring you the best of both. By working in partnership with high street beauty services we hope to provide a complementary service with a range of therapy for cosmetic and anti aging care, (inc injectables), acne and scaring, support with problem rashes and potentially complex diagnoses. We can offer advanced diagnostic testing and a range of powerful prescription treatments with therapies not available to high street clinics, like specially prescribed creams produced just for your individual skin type and problem. We strongly believe working with and along side cosmetic skincare services offers the very best outcomes and a chance to offer a complete treatment package and exciting new opportunities in skin care.


Performance & Exercise 

We combine medical testing and the latest exercise physiology research techniques and analysis to make sure you get the most out of your work outs. Blood parameters Kidney and liver function Electrolite and mineral balance Performance biomarkers Injury and overtraining screens Hormone profiles Heart, and lung function testing ​We will give you what is most likely the most through set of analysis you’ve ever had! ​We provide a complete physiological analysis, Objective results that can be used to measure your performance and objectively rate your current health. ​We can guide your training isolate deficiencies or target and promote exactly what you individually need to get results or find any hidden health concerns. ​From there we can help guide your improvement and compare your results over time. We can also give you information and options  on supplementation and treatments for any specific problems or concerns.


Alongside the specialized services we also provide standard medical consulting services. Aim to help by either investigating and diagnosing tricky problems, where it’s been difficult to get answers, or by developing management plans or simply giving advice on options for more complex conditions. Consultations are either telehealth by phone or video with electronic ordering of tests, images and prescribing. or by booking traditional face-to-face consultations where required.

General Medical Consult


$100 30min
$150 inperson


Icarus is my concept of a modern Medical Practice. My name is Ross I’m a doctor with degrees in medicine, medical science, and biological Science with honors in human physiology alongside post graduate qualifications in law and addiction. I’ve practiced medicine since 2006 authored research, been an investigator on several clinical trials,  worked in medicolegal investigations and addiction treatment.   I believe strongly in health education, individual agency and helping individuals exercise choice around their own health and explore alternative therapies. After many years of practice and having worked all over Australia, I've come to believe there is a better way to provide medical care Icarus is my own  small attempt at a step in that direction.

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